CorePlacement Personnel Services developed employment policies that provided an integrated, single-source basis, for managing the employment relationship with employees supported by CN Worldwide North America. This strategic initiative enabled customer-focused service and faster responses in support and guidance of General Managers and their employees, control of cost of employment policies, practices, and procedures with an economic impact, and better management and utilization of CN Worldwide North America’s greatest asset—its people. – Roger Shaw, People Manager, CN Worldwide North America, Harvey, IL

CorePlacement Personnel Services is a business offering Human Resources consulting and organizational development strategies to help employers sustain long-term employment relationships and capitalize on the human potential within their organizations. It is our goal to partner with you to develop strategies that are aligned and customized to meet the human resources needs, goals, and business environment of your industry.

Here is how we are helping our clients to strategically boost employee morale, profit, and productivity:

Affirmative Action Planning

Writing plans that include statistical reports and analysis can help your organization achieve regulatory compliance and equal opportunity in the work environment through the changing of organizational demographics.

Employee Job Descriptions

Developing customized job descriptions that include the duties and responsibilities of the positions held by employees in your organization. Regardless of business size, it can be a costly mistake to not have job descriptions to demonstrate that job practices are job-related and consistent with business necessity.

Employee Relations Issues

Giving guidance and direction and problem solving with you and your management staff on the variety of employee relations and human resources challenges your organization will face.

Employee and Management Training

Developing and delivering customized training materials that emphasizes the building of specific skill sets for employees and management personnel to enable your organization to get the best from every employee.

Diversity Action Planning

Advising leadership, evaluating data, researching best practices, and recommending new systems to manage and implement diversity action plans.

Human Resources Audits/Effectiveness/Compliance Reviews

Performing a comprehensive audit of your organization’s human resources policies, practices, and processes. Reviewing and evaluating to identify areas of compliance deficiencies, potential exposure, and productivity improvement. Partnering with you and your management staff to implement corrective actions.

Policy and Employee Handbook Development and Review

Creating a framework to communicate policies, practices, and processes to employees that are in compliance with employment laws and consistent with your organization’s mission and values.

Performance Evaluation Programs

Developing a system to judge the individual productivity of employees as the basis for insightful personnel decisions and organizational performance measures.

Salary Administration Programs

Developing compensation and incentive systems that are fair, consistent, and easy to administer and fits your unique business situation.

Staffing Services

Identifying, screening, selecting, and orienting talented individuals to operate your business on a permanent or temporary basis.

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